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SCR Awards Chairman, Donna Marsheck – 918.440.1325 402163 W 2650 Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006-0555

Award Applications for NGC competition and SCR competition have different deadlines.

PLEASE STUDY NGC Award requirements for 2019-2021 on the NGC website, SCR requirements may be found on the SCR website.

Your state publication or website will have your state award requirements. Double check the deadlines.

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Only federated garden clubs, members of federated garden clubs, and groups of federated clubs in good standing are eligible to apply or sponsor applicants.
  2. AWARDS YEAR: Jan. 1st through Dec. 31 of the same year constitutes an Award Year.
  3. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES TO SCR: Adult SCR Award entries must be judged in each state. Winning entries are then submitted by the State Awards Chairman with a listing of entries attached to SCR Awards Chairman. Deadline is Feb. 1. Electronic submissions are accepted.SCR Award #22, is due Dec. 1, 2021, (second year of term) and is sent to SCR Chairman of Director’s Project, Donna Marsheck, OR @ above address.
  4. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES TO NGC: Adult NGC Award entries are submitted to NGC Awards Chairman (deadline Jan. 15), by the State Awards Chairman with a listing of entries attached. State Awards Chairman must see that duplications are prepared for entries eligible for both SCR and NGC consideration. (SCR does not send Adult Award winning entries to the NGC level). NGC rules state that entries must be sent by State Awards Chairman.
  5. CONTESTS: winners in your state for Youth Poetry, Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl Posters, Essay, Bird Posters, Sculpture, etc., are sent to appropriate SCR Youth Chairmen, listed on the SCR Website.
    Do NOT send to SCR Awards Chairman. The SCR Youth Chairmen will send appropriate entries to the national level.
  6. CONTINUING PROJECTS: Entries may be continuing projects, but must document and show significant work in the current awards year.
  7. LENGTH OF ENTRY: An entry may not exceed 3 pages, using front of paper only. No plastic sheet protectors allowed. No loose materials. Include yearbook, only if required. Keep a copy of the entry. These will not be returned.
  8. ENTRY CARD: State Awards Chairman is to attach a 3X5 card on the first page of the state’s Award
    Application Form. NGC Interactive Form attachment included
    1. Number and Name of SCR Award
    2. Name of club/group of clubs
    3. A contact name and e-mail address
    —Place the following on the 3X5 card.
     4. Number of members in club or group of clubs
    5. Number of members in your state organization
    6. Name, e-mail address, and phone # of State Awards Chairman
  9. RETURN OF APPLICATION: You should keep a copy of your entries. They will not be returned. NGC and SCR will no longer award certificates for Press Books.

States may continue or discontinue as they desire.

10. AWARDS: Monetary awards are offered only for designated awards. Only first place winners scoring 90 or above are eligible to receive cash awards. SPONSORS are listed with the Contest.

11. CATEGORIES: Clubs and states are in categories according to the number of dues paying members. They are as follows:


i. Small Club: 29 members & under ii. Medium Club: 30-59 members iii. Large Club: 60-99 members
iv. Ex-Large Club: 100 members +


i. Small State: 999 members & under
ii. Medium State: 1,000-2,999 members. iii. Large State: 3,000-7,999 members iv. Ex-Large: 8,000 members or more


1. Club under 20 members 2. Club 20-29
3. Club 30-44
4. Club 45-69

5. Club 70-99
6. Club 100-299 7. Club 300 +

12. SCALE OF POINTS FOR AWARDS (exceptions noted – Publications, Yearbooks).

Presentation: 5 pts. Neat, concise, includes all required information.

Achievement: 65 pts. Scope of project; need and fulfillment; benefit; accomplishment; comprehensiveness of work; activities to attain goals; evaluation of goals reached; educational; prior planning; very brief history if continuing project; financial report; other.

Participation: 15 pts. Size of club; involvement of some of the following – members, community, government agencies, professionals, youth, residents in facilities, others. (Not all listed are required, mention only ones that apply).

Record or Documentation: 15 pts. Supporting data (as applicable), clear, well-labeled and neatly attached before & after photographs, landscape plan (does not have to be professional), financial report, letters of appreciation (if available), community awards, newspaper/magazine articles (if available), radio or TV script (if applicable), etc. Photocopies are permitted.

1st place, $25 AWARD to a Single Club

#1 Idalia Aguilar – Arbor Day Dedication: presented for a dedication ceremony for the planting of tree/s. May be part of a new or continuing project, e.g. public buildings, highway or esplanade beautification, schools, other civic buildings. Application must show community involvement and educating the public about importance of trees. Invite some of the following; Mayor, public officials, Park & Recreation officials, FFA youth, Scouts, etc. Special consideration will be given to more unusual or unique dedications.

#2 Isabel Olsen – Civic Development: presented for a city landscape project; such as public buildings, municipal parks or gardens, median strips, libraries, museums, hospitals, schools, etc. Commercial projects are not eligible. May be a continuing project but must show significant work during this award year. Entries must contain ‘before’ & ‘after’ pictures.

#3 Nancy Voyles – Club Program: presented to a club having the most outstanding program given by member/s of that club. Program must stimulate interest in purpose and objectives of NGC. Program must be adaptable for presentation to other clubs of comparable size. Entry must be a typewritten text that can be read at a meeting not just a concept or description of a demonstration. Application should conform to general rules and include date, place, and by whom the program was given. An actual text of the program must be included in addition to the 3- page application.

#4 Betty Edwards – Outstanding Yearbook Theme: presented to a club for the most creative use of a theme carried throughout the programs for the year, incorporating the objectives of NGC. Yearbook must be submitted that was in effect for the awards year. Creativity and originality of theme will be considered. Correlation between theme and all club programs, projects, activities should be evident.

#5 Nancy Rana – National Garden Week: presented to a club for the best promotion of National Garden Week. Entry must show evidence of educating the public about objectives of NGC, state, and local club. History of the garden club movement, our projects, and objectives should be evident.

#6 Fred & Colleen Hinker – Community Concern: presented to a club for a project to make the day brighter and surroundings more pleasant for residents of nursing homes, retirement homes, school for challenged youth or adults, children’s hospitals, etc. by presenting program/s, decorating, taking gifts or plants, holding special parties. Hands on participation required.

#7A Judy Grotts – Single Club Flower Show Schedule: presented for a well prepared Flower Show Schedule. To be judged by NGC #29H Scale of Points for Evaluating Flower Show Schedules.

#7B Jo Krallman – Multiple Clubs Flower Show Schedule: presented for a well prepared Flower Show Schedule. To be judged by NGC #29H Scale of Points for Evaluating Flower Show Schedules.

#8 Lucy Clinton – Water Conservation: presented to the most outstanding project with an emphasis on water conservation and/or clean water.

#9 Suzy Andrego – Landscape Design: presented to a club for the creation or maintenance of a Sensory Garden for meditation, relaxation, or recreation. Award must reflect quality of design, arrangement of plant materials in beds or containers featuring taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. Landscape design plan required, but does not have to be done by professionals.

#10 Melanie Spence – Recycling/Litter Control: presented to a club for the best recycling and/or anti-litter project.

#11 Member Award of Honor: recognizes those NGC members, whose volunteer efforts, during a period of five years have made outstanding contribution/s to club and community in one or more of the following areas: Civic Development, Conservation, Design, Horticultural Therapy, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Youth Activities, All Around Excellence. ELIGIBILITY: Any member of a state garden club, who has never served as a member of the NGC Board of Directors, including State Presidents. Guidelines and the Member Award of Honor Application Form may be found on the NGC Website, Complete form, send to your state Awards Chairman by Jan. 1. State Awards Chair sends the application to the SCR Awards Chair by Feb. 1.

The winning entry in our region will receive an invitation to attend a function at the NGC Convention, and will be presented a certificate, a pin, and the book of evidence that was submitted. All four of our states are encouraged to send in an application for this award.

#12 Peggy Moreland – FLORAL DESIGN PROGRAM: presented for the most outstanding program or workshop teaching floral design to club members and/or the public. Excluding NGC Flower Show Schools and Symposiums.

#13 Jim & Linda Lawson – Youth Program Award: presented to a club best meeting the challenge of youth during the awards year. Must show direct work with youth, e.g. series of environmental meetings; Adopt a School; a complete program for youth (nature hikes, Flower Show, sponsored contest), or through High School, Intermediate or Junior Gardener activities. $50

#14 Publication Award: presented for outstanding publications by (A) a club or (B) group of clubs or state. Printed publications or those prepared for electronic distribution are acceptable entries.
Newsletters or state Publication/bulletins must be published 3 times per year or more.
1) Shirley Tetreault [A] – Rose Knight [B] – Brochure
2) Debi Harrington [A] & [B] – Newsletter (1-3 pages) – Club, Council, District, etc.
3) April Pratt – State Publication/Bulletin (example-Gardener publications)
4) Heather White [A] & [B] – Manual or Handbook
5) Linda Jean Brown [A] & [B] – Calendar (similar to NGC Calendar)
6) Mardi McKenzie [A] – Donna Marsheck [B] – Cookbook
7) Suzy Andrego [A] – Christine Longthorp [B] –“How-to Tips for Gardeners”

$25 will be presented to the 1st place winner in each category of A and B.

Scale of Points for Publications:
Presentation: application to include brief description of publication, club & state membership; 5 points. Achievement: educational, informative, accurate, clarity of subject, quality of printing, photography and/or

graphics, coverage received, general appeal; 60 points.
NGC Membership: indicate that the organization is an affiliated member; 5 points.
NGC Objectives: Promoted activities; 15 points.
Record or Documentation: number of copies distributed/sold, how distributed, financial information; cost of publishing, price if sold, market seen; 15 points.

#15 Derenda Stanley – CONTAINER GARDENING: presented to a single garden club for the most outstanding container or containers of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers or a combination placed in a public setting. Application forms of three pages allowed. At least one photo required, clear, well labeled and neatly attached plant list, any publicity received.

#16 YEARBOOK AWARDS: The categories for Yearbooks are listed on page 2 of this guide. State Awards Chairman may send a winner from each category to SCR Awards Chairman for judging on the SCR level. A list of the clubs along with categories should accompany the entries. Judging will adhere to the NGC requirements.

#17 SCR DIRECTOR’S PROJECT: “Unite and Plant America”. Application is made in the second year of the Director’s term. All applications must be submitted to SCR Director’s Project Chairman, Donna Marsheck, by Deadline: December 1, 2021. Each state will be eligible to receive $100 for the most outstanding community project. One club will receive a marker with their club name to be posted where project is located. The objectives and goals of the SCR Director must be evident during judging.

#18 Sarah McReynolds – SCR SWEEPSTAKES AWARD: This award is given to the winner of the most First Place awards received at the Awards Banquet during the SCR convention. You do not prepare an application for this particular award. It is determined by the SCR Awards Chairman.


#19 Bird Contest:

All poster entries are submitted to SCR Bird Chairman.

2019-2020: North American Male Cardinal – Cardinalis cardinalis 2020-2021: Male Downy Woodpecker – Picoides pubescens

  1. All entries must be sponsored by a local Garden Club.
  2. Posters must feature the “SCR Bird of the Year”:
  3. Eligible students are 1st – 5th graders. Home schooled students are eligible.
  4. Materials may include: Crayons, markers, poster paints, water colors, etc. Paper choice is decided by thestudent. The size must be submitted on a 8 1/2 X 11 inch page.
  5. Attach a computer generated information piece of paper on back lower right corner of poster to include:Student’s name, grade, sponsoring club, and contact information for sponsoring club member, (give name,address, phone #, and e-mail of contact person).
  6. Each club should have entries judged to determine a first place winner for each grade level.
  7. First Place winners from 1st through 5th graders should be mailed to SCR Chairman:Clara Bishop, 9808 S Broadway Avenue, Oklahoma City 73139-8819Deadline: February 21, 2020Scale of points:Originality 25 points. Method 25 points. Artwork 25 points. Overall effectiveness of the entry 25 points.
  8. Copy winning entry/s as they will not be returned unless a club member attends the SCR Convention.
  9. Posters may include artwork pasted upon a 2nd piece of paper. No 3D allowed.

# 20 High School Essay Contest

2019-2020 “Challenges in Preserving our Natural Habitats” 2020-2021 “Adapting our Actions to Protect our Natural Habitats”

  1. Eligible to students 9th -12th grades. Home schooled students are eligible.
  2. Length of essay: Between 600-700 words. All words counted. Must be typed and titled.
  3. Sponsored by single garden club, group of member clubs, councils or districts, state garden clubs.
  4. Entries become property of NGC. $1,000 NGC scholarship awarded to 1st place winner. If underclassman, this is held until student enters college. 2nd place winner receives $100.
  5. State Chairman sends to SCR Youth Essay Contest Chairman, by Deadline: January 1st. Shelia Thorne, PO Box 2543, League City, TX 77574
  6. SCR winners are sent to NGC Essay Contest Chairman by Deadline: February 1.
  7. Scale of PointsContent: Total 65 points
    • Knowledge of Subject: 25 points
    • Practicality of Proposal: 10 points
    • Originality: 15 points
    • Subject matter well organized/Clarity of presentation: 15 pointsComposition: Total 25 points
    • Vocabulary: 15 points
    • Conformance to length: 10 pointsManuscript: Total 10 points
    • Name, Address, Phone Number, School Attending, Grade, List of Activities, and SponsoringClub (Photo Optional): 5 points
    • Neatness and legibility: 5 points#21 Poetry Contest2019-2020 Theme: “Adventures in the Garden” 2020-2021 Theme: “Exploring Backyard Mysteries”
  1. Eligibility: Special Education and English as a Second Language; Kindergarten through Ninth Grade.
  2. General Education: Kindergarten through Ninth Grade.
  3. All entries must be typed and titled.
  4. Include name, address, age, grade, and school of participant on the back of entry.
  5. Sponsoring garden club and state garden club name must also be identified.
  6. Sponsoring garden club may be that of a grandparent.
  7. All entries become the property of National Garden Clubs, Inc.
  8. Poems do not have to rhyme. Poems may be traditional verse, acrostics, blank verse, cinquains, diamond poems, limerick, or Haiku
  9. The theme should not be used as the title to any poetry.
  10. Scale of Points:
    • Title: 10%
    • Content: 40%
    • Creativity: 30%
    • Style: 20%
    • Total: 100%State Winners must be sent to Regional Chairman by Deadline: February 1. Shelia Thorne, PO Box 2543, League City, TX 77574Regional Winners must be sent to National Chairman by Deadline: March 1.

# 22 Sculpture Contest:


The purpose of this contest is to encourage our youth to keep our planet green and to get involved with saving the environment.

1. All children in 4th through 8th grades are eligible to enter, with a local garden club sponsor.
2. Sculptures are to consist of recycled, reused and reduced materials.
3. The sculpture is limited to a size that will fit sitting on an 8 1⁄2” X 11” sheet of paper; height should be proportionate.
4. A list of materials used and a brief description of the sculpture should be included on entry form.
5. Entry form is either attached here, or may be found on the NGC website at
6. Entries should include as many photographs as can be printed on the back of the entry form; (2) 4” X 6” are recommended
7. Take photos of entries, as a JPRG of NGC winners will be requested for used on the NGC website.
8. Club entries must be sent to your State Chairman by your state’s deadline.
9. State winners will be sent to Regional Chairman by Feb. 1st, 2020 (or 2021).

Ronna Precure, 2673 Madison 1230, Huntsville, AR 72740 479-644-9673 10. Regional winners will be sent to NGC by Mar. 1st, 2020 (or 2021).

If your state does not participate in this contest, your entry may be sent directly to the SCR Regional chairman.

Scale of Points:

Creative use of materials and self-expression: 60% Description of sculpture and materials used: 30% Craftsmanship and technique: 10%

# 23 Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl:
“Only You Can Prevent Wildfires! – “Lend a Hand Care for the Land!”

Rules are the same for either Contest – only enter one per year
Go to – Just for Kids – for correct colors for each poster

  1. All poster entrees must be sponsored by a local Garden Club.
  2. Posters must feature Smokey Bear.
  3. Smokey Bear posters must include Smokey’s wildfire prevention message: Only you Can Prevent Wildfires!
  4. Posters should encourage children to take a personal role in preventing wildfires.
  5. Each entry should be 11 x 17 inches in size.
  6. Materials that can be used include: crayons, markers, poster paints, water colors, etc. The choice of paper is up to the child.
  7. No three-dimensional posters, computer scanned, or electronically generated images will be accepted.
  8. The following information should be written on the back of the poster in the lower-right corner: the artist’s name, address, home phone number, grade level, school, teacher’s name, city, and state. Should school policy preclude giving students’ address and phone number, please include the school address and phone number.Each poster must also show the name of the sponsoring local Garden Club as well as an address, phone number, and email for the local Garden Club. (Do not use a dark marker for this information as it may show through.)
  9. Posters are to be completed by individual student artists. Competition may include students from first through fifth grade.
  10. The Local Garden Club Chair must submit the poster entries to his or her state Chairman no later than Deadline: January 24, 2019. The State Garden Club Chair must submit the five winning posters from his or her state to Regional Garden Club Chairman by February 21, 2019.
    Jennifer Moreno, 305 Fairmont Park Avenue, Albuquerque, NM 87123
  11. Smokey Bear is an official icon, the color of his clothing needs to be accurate. Check the colors on the Web site
  12. Students should be reminded to check spelling. Posters with spelling errors will be disqualified.
  13. Any group of children can participate. Scout troops, after school programs, and the like are perfectly appropriate. The child’s grade must be included on the poster so that the participant can compete in the correct grade category.


Click here if you would like to download a copy of the SCR Awards 2019-2021 Guidelines.