Barbara’s Blog – December 2017

These are examples of “artificial plant material”. They were created from plant material but made to look like natural plant material.

 Q. Flowers constructed of pine cone scales were used in the Designer’s Choice Section of the Design Division of a Standard Flower Show. One judge said yes, that they were “contrived flowers”. Is that permitted?

 A. No. Flowers or foliage that have been created from plant material such as pods, teasel or pine cone parts either by the exhibitor or purchased that look like plant material are considered as Artificial.

Artificial was defined in the 2007 HB and again in the 2017 HB. The Flower Show School committee covered this more in depth in The National Gardener. The committee also referred to a “fantasy flower”…a form constructed that does not resemble an actual flower or foliage known in nature. Using silk artificial plant material or contrived material is against NGC policy and would be faulted under Conformance, Selection of Components and Distinction.

I suggest that if unsure or judges disagree, call over Classification and refer to the actual HB page/s 25 and 81.

This would be considered a “fantasy flower” although constructed from reeds, jute and wood slices it does not resemble known plant material.
Q. But portions of the HB state that artificial may be used??
A. HB 25d “There must be an emphasis on FRESH plant material. No artificial plant material is permitted in any exhibit in any division.”

HB 80-81 is more detailed even referring to metal foliage such as a fountain.

But HB 140 glossary clarifies that “Artificial plant materials are only permitted in the Exploration class in the Botanical Arts Division of an NGC Flower Show.” But not stated on HB 94 with definition.

But HB 95-4a states that “Trees featuring decorations…Tree may be real or artificial depending on local regulations” (fire marshal, historic building). In a symposium lecture a limited amount of astro turf was suggested only in staging such as show entrance or temporary garden ”..but I haven’t found that in HB.

I expect there will be more clarifications.

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