Barbara’s Blog – February 2018

“Freedom to explore the world of creativity with plant material and design…”



I subscribe to The Flower Arranger, a publication of NAFAS, National Association of Flower Arranging Societies, England. An idea from a 2010 issue continued to intrigue me – it is contrary to our NGC design trends of open space, penetration of space, depth and within the bounds. The design is called Montage and is defined as a shallow, three-dimensional design with distinct but individually linked layers.

The Montage has a unity of plant materials (and optional components) arranged closely and built into layers. Visual depth can be achieved by loose placement, openings in the layers, use of light and dark. Rhythm from color, forms and texture.

The Montage layers are created by the exhibitor but it is not a Low Profile with dimension requirements, nor a Collage – which must be Abstract, nor a Plaque – which must be realistic. And NAFAS allows this design to extend beyond the edges of the shallow container. May be staged flat or sloped on table or hung on a background.

The new Exploration class in the 2017 Handbook offered me an opportunity to create my Montage at the Instructor’s Symposium.

Instructor Penny Decker used blue painted fresh orchids “there is no restriction on what can be done to the plant material” – in the Exploration Class.

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