Barbara’s Blog – November 2017

Q. How best can I use the wet floral foam for my flower arrangements?


A. Wet floral foam bricks are easy to use especially for beginners-
  1. wet floral foam manufactured by Oasis-Smithers is available in different densities: Standard is most practical. Maxlife holds most water. Springtime is lower density for thin or softer stems. Deluxe is higher density for woody stems.
  2. soak foam in water fortified with the additive packet; this flower food provides nutrients and deters bacteria
  3.  float foam (lettering side up) and allow to absorb water until bubbles stop; don’t push foam underwater or try to wet under running faucet or it will have dry spots within brick
  4. cut stems at an angle to easily pierce the foam
  5. create a “pilot hole” with a skewer to enable inserting thin or wimpy stems
  6. foam was created to form a seal around stem to keep out air; if remove stem, do not reinsert into same hole
  7. creating too many holes will weaken the foam; so rather than remove big stem, you may cut it level and leave it
  8. for heavy drinkers, in addition to foam add more water so vase is filled to max with water
  9. floral foam purchased at hobby store does not hold as much water as the Oasis brand so foam and flowers will dry out faster; you must be diligent in adding water – treated with flower food – to the arrangement
  10. to make it easier to add more water to container, cut out a notch in foam in the back of the arrangement
  11. add water to an arrangement with a turkey baster from dollar store
  12. once dried out the foam will no longer absorb water; store extra in poly bag in the refrigerator
  13. local florist will sell you a brick or two or a club can split a case from a wholesaler or online source


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