SCR Regional Director’s Project – 2017-2019
“Beautifying Our Communities”

Isabel Olsen has selected a project that emphasizes the region’s theme of “Plant America”. She would like to encourage the garden clubs of all four states to participate in a New project that will make a great impact in their community. For many years our local garden clubs have shown a presence in their community by sharing the joy of gardening when they plant and maintain gardens in various public locations. This is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of being a garden club member. For the two year term, NGC will have a Plant America Grant Program for Community Projects. This will provide financial support to the participating clubs to offset the cost of the plants and materials of their project.


Now is the time for your club members to decide the kind of project they would like to participate in. There is a multitude of possibilities, such as the type of garden, the location, in containers or a raised bed? Perhaps planting trees in much-needed locations? Edible gardens at schools or public locations might be an option, and of course, we have churches, cemeteries, hospitals, libraries, parks, adult centers, assisted living or retirement homes. Or perhaps container gardening downtown or at a historical or art museum. Consider your membership size and the capabilities of the members.

Along with applying for a grant from NGC, you can submit an application (in the second year of the administration) for the Regional Director’s Project Award and receive from Isabel a high-quality marker with your garden club name proudly posted where your project is located. And in addition, four $100.00 awards will be given (one for each state).

Shirley Tetreault will be serving as SCR Chairman of the Director’s Project “Beautifying Our Communities”. The deadline for states to send their application to Shirley will be December 1, 2018.Visit the “Members Area” for contact information.

If you would like membership information, please contact our Director, Isabel Olsen at


“Beautifying our Communities” is a project that will coincide with the National project, “Plant America.” The Purpose is to beautify our communities within our four states and join with organizations, uniting to achieve a specific purpose.   Projects to consider – gardens at schools, churches, cemeteries, hospitals, libraries, parks, adult centers, retirement homes, historical or art museum.

Prize Awarded: One award-winning garden club will receive a high-quality marker with their club name to be posted where the project is located. In addition, each state will be eligible to receive $100. for the most outstanding community project. The prize money will go to the specific club responsible for the creation of the garden.

Who May Apply: Any individual garden club that is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and SCR.

Application Deadline: Chairman must receive on or before December 1, 2018 via e-mail.

How to Apply: The application will be on the SCR website, “The Communicator” and available through the State President.

Program Criteria:   Involving other community members, benefits to the community, total involvement and participation by club members, including youth from school or other public organizations. Other considerations will include reduce, reuse, recycle, composting, worm farms, vertical plantings and utilization of space. A short one-page report describing the project including before and after photos must be submitted to the Chairman.

Questions: Shirley Tetreault, Chairman of the Director’s Project “Beautifying Our Communities”, 12404 Apache Pl. N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87112. Phone: (505) 294-4331 or (505) 259-2263. E-mail:

Director’s Project Application 2017

National Garden Clubs Inc. has established a grant program for clubs entitled PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants   It may be done in one simple application process.  The purpose is to provide financial support for new or existing projects. The types of projects included are beautification and/or restoration, community gardens, School gardens/classroom, Habitat for Humanity to name a few.   Check NGC’s website for details and application form.

The timeline is: application deadline November 1, 2017, winners announced and money awarded January 31, 2018, and project completed by May 2019.