Barbara’s Blog – October 2017

Q. In our last flower show the container in a design was dominant. Is that allowed?

A. Yes and No. In an American Traditional Design, there is a general ratio of 1:3, container to plant material. But in a Creative Design “Allows any part of the design to be dominant, including the container”. HB 72

Q. I judged in a flower show where the schedule required shoes in a class offering the Designer’s Choice Award. Was that correct?

A. No. “Schedule may specify the design style and/or specific design type by name. Exhibitor has freedom to choose other components within NGC policies.” HB 42 Study the schedule in advance so you can be of help to the host club.

If you are interested in membership or have any questions please email Isabel Olsen, Director

This fall floral design is a Grouped Mass of sunflowers, mums, lilies, solidago, and mixed fillers that came with the 3 small grocery store bundles. Cattails and cinnamon sticks (for fall fragrance) were added for rhythm.
The square tin container has a plastic liner and was chosen to contrast with the rounded flower shapes and repeat the tin watering can and antique gardening tool collection used throughout the family room. The warm colors contrast well with the blue drapery.

HB 78 Grouped Mass: a mass design of only plant material with radial placement. Plant material emanates from one point of emergence. Like material is grouped and placed next to other different grouped like material. Additional plant material may be included but proportion of groupings dominate the design.
Notes: only plant material; more plant material than space; the material is massed so depth needs to be added; does not specify Creative Design; materials may be abstracted or may have some abstraction within the grouping.

Differs from Creative Mass which does not require groupings, one point of emergence nor only plant material.

Hint: use the powdered additive for the cut flowers and to soak the wet floral foam for nutrients and anti-bacteria.

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