Heather White, M.D., SCR Scholarship Chairman

In odd-numbered years at the Annual SCR Convention, the South Central Region Scholarship is awarded in honor of the SCR Director.  At the 2019 Annual Convention in Oklahoma, the Scholarship Committee will announce a winner of $1000 in honor of Director Isabel Olsen.  The specific guidelines for the scholarship are the same as for the NGC Scholarship and the application is the same as the NGC Application, available at the NGC Website (, then click Scholarships.  Make sure to read both the Instructions and Application tabs).

The 2017-2019 SCR Scholarship Committee Chairman is Heather White (TX), with committee members representing each state in the South Central Region.  Current members are Liz Howell (AR), Sally Warner (NM), Donna Marsheck (OK), and Peggy Moreland (TX).  The committee will select one winner from those submitted by the individual state chairmen in our region – Nancy Voyles (AR), Laurie Hixon (NM), Mardi McKenzie (OK), and Freda Martin (TX).  All applications MUST go through the state chairman for submission to the SCR Scholarship Committee.  Submissions by the state chairman should either be sent electronically to The deadline for applications to SCR is February 1, 2019 – the same as for NGC applications.

SCR Scholarships are funded through donations and revenue projects during the term of the SCR Director.  If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Fund, please send your donation to SCR Treasurer, Donna Marsheck, 913-440-1325, marked at “scholarship fund spendable” in the memo line.